Do we need yoga practice?

Yoga is a physical , mental and spiritual practice which originated in India.

Yoga means conection or link to something in Sankrit. Today some peope's mind and body do not connect due to stress or too much computer related work etc...   

This may mean that you can not notice your sickness, have difficulties managing your mood and temper oand increase the likelyhood of feelings of anxiety or depression .

We strengthen both the mind and body during power yoga session to help connect your feelings and sensations.

Seven Senses Health hopes to help create this link for you soon.

Seven Senses Power Yoga
Power yoga is designed for all ages to improve health and well-being

You might have experice in yoga studios whereby yoga instructors lead you through difficult poses even if you are not flexible enough to perform them..... However  who does this benefit ?

You may need to rethink  whether you are feeling  uncomfortable with what instructors say as nobody can know your body and mind quite like yourself .


Actually doing yoga by yourself in conjunction with classes may sometimes allow you to enhance your  full potential .  You will find your own breathing pace , notice unbalances in your body or muscle tightness or mind blockages and more,,,


Whether you are a beginner , intermediate or want to meet people or are interested in different types of yoga our classes will benefit you . As such we highly recommend you do yoga with us ,as well as doing yoga  a few times a week by yourself .


Benefits for Seven Senses Power Yoga

Improves motivation and your overall health 

Strengthens whole body with balanced yoga poses

Better connect to you inner self as well as others

Improves flexibility and Posture

Prevent scartilage and joint breakdown and improves circulation .

Improves Mindfullness and Focus

Find something you havent managed to thus far.